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Peter Dörling
Dear Readers!
Normally I love mail. However, I made the "mistake" of creating four homepages and now I get more mail than I can answer in a single day. My free time is also limited and I also plan to type up several files and add them to the homepage. That of course takes time. Here you may have "a look behind the scenes."

I am currently completely booked with genealogical assignments and inquiries and therefore, until further notice I cannot accept any new jobs and cannot provide any information, which I deeply regret. Peter Doerling, June 12, 2006

It could easily take a few days before I answer. If you do not receive a reply, your mail might have been “lost”. Please simply remind me.
Compliments and criticisms are always welcome. Please feel free to use my guestbook.
Please enter an informative subject in the mail header. Mails with, for example, “Hello” in the subject line might be confused with spam.
Please tell me before sending me a file, so that I can be sure it is not a virus. In general, I welcome data from your genealogical research, provided it concerns the counties of Stormarn and Segeberg and insofar as the data is from before 1900. Files may be up to 5 MB. Please do NOT send files in Gedcom format; please send as EXCEL, WORD, HTML or, if necessary, simply as text.

If you have found errors, please write me very exactly where it was. It is best if you copy the URL from the address line of your browser and send me that as well.

Thank you for your interest in my homepage and for reading this information.   Yours   Peter Doerling

Please type : - Genealogy in Stormarn - Suetterlin script, old german hand - funny cat stories, woodworm stories and more

Herzlichen Dank für die Übersetzung an EvaSara Tullier

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